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Basement Remodeling

Basement remodeling is the process of reconfiguring or completely transforming the look and layout of your existing basement. 

If you want to remodel your basement, you are likely wondering: are there any expert basement remodeling contractors near me? The answer is yes! You’ve found the team at Basement Remodeling Brooklyn. 

You may also think you can do this type of work yourself, but a basement remodel requires more of a time commitment and can be more invasive than a basement renovation. A basement remodel can consist of changing the overall look, function and layout of your current basement. 

For this job you need to hire a basement contractor. Our basement remodeling contractors are experienced, licensed and ready to deliver the basement of your dreams. 

Whether you are looking for a comfortable gathering space for your family and friends to watch the game, a home gym, an office, a fun home theater, or a rental unit to ease the load of your mortgage, the basement contractors at Basement Remodeling Brooklyn will breathe new life into your basement. We want to hear all of your ideas. The only limit is your imagination. 

And did you know that a basement remodeling can increase the appraisal value of your home. Whether you decide to “love it or list it,” investing in a basement remodel cost can lead to extra bucks for you.

Our goal is to deliver the highest quality basement remodeling and ensure that you get your basement remodeled exactly the way you want it. We are trained in all the latest techniques and only use the best quality and environmentally friendly materials and procedures. When we are finished, you are left with a basement that will last for many years to come. 

In addition, we offer a lifetime transferable warranty for every completed job. Whatever the size of your basement, our team of basement remodeling contractors will get it done right, the first time around. 

It’s time to create your ultimate remodeled basement. Let’s add comfort, function and value to your home. Contact us for a free, detailed and no obligation consultation, including the basement remodeling cost, today. 

Basement Finishing

An unfinished basement is a space just waiting to showcase its potential. 

You may be wondering, is there basement finishing near me? 

The answer is a resounding yes! At Basement Remodeling Brooklyn, we literally open the door to the finished basements of our customer’s dreams. 

Basement finishing can include the installation of drywall, flooring, plumbing and ventilation. It requires a building permit and a licensed basement contractor. 

Now we get it. That sounds like a lot of work. 

But let us tell you just a few of the benefits of a finished basement: 

  • It increases the value of your home immediately and if you plan on selling, it makes your home more attractive to buyers.
  • Need some help with your mortgage? Putting in a rental space in your basement can help generate extra funds. 
  • Have you always wanted to have a lively gathering place for family and friends, a home gym, home theater and/or a home office? Make your basement a means of increasing both efficiency and enjoyment in your life. 
  • Has your unfinished basement become a haven for clutter? You can add more storage for a cleaner, comfortable and more organized space.
  • Do you like to welcome guests? Adding a spare bedroom and a full bathroom will give your guests their own space where they can relax in comfort.

Lots of benefits to think about, but how much does it cost to finish a basement? The average cost to finish a basement is approximately $10,000 – $30,000. 

But there’s good news: you don’t have to fear basement finishing costs. At Basement Remodeling Brooklyn, we offer flexible financing plans. And we can’t stress this enough: your home is your largest investment. 

The cost to finish a basement could be the best expenditure you make in your property. Basement finishing is an economical, not to mention a smart way, to increase the value of your home. 

We encourage you to contact us today and ask about our free, in-home and no obligation consultation.

Basement Contractor

The process for finding and hiring affordable, reliable and knowledgeable basement contractors can be challenging. 

There’s the internet where you search for basement contractors near me. Asking friends and family for recommendations on a basement contractor. Interviewing prospective companies. Narrowing down your choices. 

After you’ve hired someone, there is the agonizing waiting period for them to show up and start the work. Not to mention, the hassle of being reimbursed and/or having future repairs if something goes wrong. 


We have great news. You have found the amazing basement contractors at Basement Remodeling Brooklyn. 

Our finish basement contractors take the utmost pride in offering:

  • Strong technical knowledge from years of training, licensing and certifications
  • Dedicated, friendly and attentive customer service
  • Attention to detail
  • Comprehensive estimates and action plans
  • Competitive pricing
  • Scheduling to suit your needs
  • Customer friendly warranty on all our services
  • Honest answers to all your questions
As a bonus every finish basement contractor on our team is:
  • Trustworthy 
  • Passionate about their work 
  • Solution oriented
  • Adaptable
Don’t bother with the other guys who will give you quotes that are way out of your budget. Say goodbye to companies that sacrifice quality by using below standard materials and procedures.

With Basement Remodeling Brooklyn you get an award-winning company on your side. We only use regulation grade materials. And we’re proud of the fact that we use environmentally friendly materials for all of our projects.  

You can trust us. Whether you are getting a basement renovation, basement remodeling or basement finishing, we recognize that your home is a major asset and let’s face it, it’s truly where your heart is. So we take it seriously that you’re trusting us with it. It is the ultimate responsibility and you’re in good hands.

Basement Remodeling Brooklyn is your one-stop solution for completing the basement of your dreams. Our basement contractors are committed to elevating your basement to its maximum potential. All you have to truly think about now is how much you’re going to enjoy your new basement. Contact us today for a free comprehensive and no obligation consultation. Our basement remodeling contractors and basement finishing contractors want to work with you.

Basement Renovation

When you decide to renovate your basement, you are choosing to make the space new again. Our team at Basement Remodeling Brooklyn is ready to refresh and revive your basement.

A basement renovation can involve making improvements, repairs and upgrades to your existing basement. Maybe you want to put in a new, regulation approved basement window or open up the existing staircase. Or maybe you want to upgrade your current basement bathroom or guest room or install framing, some shelving, updated light fixtures, and/or other finishes. The possibilities and potential for your basement are endless.

We want to hear all of your basement renovation ideas and we have the people who can take your basement to the next level. We specialize in professional design, quality craftsmanship, cost-efficient solutions, open communication with all of our clients, innovative products, and finishing our projects on time and on budget.

We bring years of experience to each and every project and every member of our team stays current with all the latest technologies and techniques. Let us turn your basement into your dream basement, one you’ll truly be proud of and want to actually spend time in!

A basement renovation not only makes a basement more attractive, but it can also make the space feel more personalized to you and your lifestyle. And if you are looking to sell your home, a renovated basement will always increase the appraisal value of your home. Talk about a great return on your investment. 

Now you are probably wondering, how much does a basement renovation cost? 

No need to stress about a basement renovation cost. At Basement Remodeling Brooklyn, we offer competitive pricing as we have developed multiple and long standing connections with our local suppliers. So you’re getting top quality materials for the best prices. You’re going to love your improved, durable and long-lasting space. 

Contact us today for a free and comprehensive consultation. There is no obligation, so what are you waiting for? We can’t wait for you to experience the smoothest, most stress free basement transformation. We guarantee you will be 100 percent satisfied with our work.

Basement Remodel Ideas

When you think of a basement, often the first thing that pops into your mind is that it’s a dark, chilly, and dreary storage space. 

Guess what? It doesn’t have to be that way! 

Our team at Basement Remodeling Brooklyn can transform your space into the basement of your dreams. 

We have a treasure trove of amazing basement remodel ideas and basement design ideas for your space. Let’s have a look at some of our finished basement ideas:

Basement Apartment:

One of the most popular and profitable basement renovation ideas is to convert your space into a living space for a renter. Not only will you instantly increase the appraisal value of your home, but you’ll have some extra funds to put towards your mortgage or other home projects. 

Basement Bedroom:

Whether one of your children wants to have their own space or you want to host friends and family, a basement bedroom will offer an array of benefits to your home.  

Basement Bar: 

With the current increasing gas prices and entertainment costs, why go out to a bar or restaurant when you can stay in and enjoy the same perks at home? Host exciting parties in the comfort of your own home. Best of all, this is one of our basement ideas that means you don’t have to pay the tab at the end of the night! 

Basement Theater: 

Having your own theater means no more watching movies with chatty strangers or paying exorbitant prices for snacks. This is one of the top modern basement ideas, where your home can become the perfect venue for the latest flicks or the big game. 

Basement Office: 

Having a separate space to work from home not only offers you the freedom from a long commute, but it can be a professional space to meet with clients, operate your business and advance your career goals. 

Basement Gym: 

Say goodbye to high gym memberships and constantly waiting for your turn on the cardio machine. A home gym is not only an investment in your health, but it allows you to work out on your schedule.

Contact us today. These are only a fraction of our creative basement remodel ideas that will turn your basement into the ultimate unique space. Whether you are looking for small basement ideas or basement remodeling for a large space, we have the design for you.

Basement WIndows

Whether you’ve decided to take on a basement renovation, basement remodeling or basement finishing, now is also a good time to talk about basement windows. 

Our basement window installers at Basement Remodeling Brooklyn have years of experience with replacement basement windows. We’re here to answer any questions you may have. 

But, how do you know when you need to think about basement window replacement?

Some clear indicators that you need to replace your basement windows are: 

  • The opening and closing mechanisms are defective
  • If you are legally required to have egress windows.
  • Finding a draft or condensation between the panes of glass.
  • Damage to the glass or window frames. 

At Basement Remodeling Brooklyn we offer a variety of windows for your basement:

  • Egress windows –  Egress refers to leaving. An egress window is large enough for an adult to go through in case of a fire or other emergency. As a property owner you are legally required to have an egress window basement if the space is used for any kind of dwelling such as a bedroom or rental suite.
  • Hopper windows – These are a typical choice for basement windows as long as the space is not used for dwelling. A hopper window is typically wide and has a bottom hinge that allows it to be opened inwardly for decent ventilation. 
  • Awning windows – Again these windows are not meant for basements used for dwelling. Awning windows open outwards from the bottom of the window frame allowing ventilation, yet still keeps out precipitation. 
  • Sliding windows – Sliding windows slide on a track. If you go with this option you just have to make sure the windows are large enough for an adult to go through in case of emergency. These windows offer limited ventilation due to the fact that only half of the window frame can be open at a time. 
  • Casement windows – Casement windows open fully outward. Casement windows can be installed in a basement used for dwelling because there are larger sized options available for this type of window and thus it’s effective for someone who needs to get out of the basement via a window during an emergency. 

Contact us today for a free consultation about your basement window needs, and let an experienced basement window installer help with all your questions.