Yonkers Basement Remodeling


It’s decision time for your basement space. Time to decide if you would like to do a basement renovation, basement remodeling, or basement finishing.

I’m sure you’re wondering, what exactly is the difference between these three? Well lucky for you, you have found our in-demand basement contractors at BrightView Basement Remodeling of Yonkers. We have helped hundreds of customers in Yonkers give their basements an extreme makeover and we are here to do the same with your space.

A basement renovation involves restoring and renewing your current basement space. This can mean making repairs and refreshing whether it’s through a coat of paint, new flooring, a new basement window and/or new fixtures. We are not drastically altering the space here, just tweaking it.

A basement remodeling is when we look at altering and reviving your basement. With our team at basement remodeling BrightView Basement Remodeling of Yonkers, we have plenty of basement remodeling ideas. It’s time to give your space a whole new look and feel. Maybe you want to install a rental suite, a game room, a wine room, a home gym or even a home theater. Yeah, we can help you do any of that and more.

A basement finishing is when we are naturally finishing the space. This is when you start with a completely blank space and turn it into a bonus floor of living space for you and your family. Don’t just think about finishing, think of absolute freedom.

Contact a basement contractor today for a free and comprehensive consultation. Your dream basement is waiting.

About Us

At BrightView Basement Remodeling of Yonkers we’ve designed and installed thousands of basements each year in the Yonkers area.

We’re one of the top basement remodelers in the Yonkers…because we believe in combining exceptional customer service, products, and skill sets to deliver the ultimate basement of your dreams on time and on budget.

Whether you are looking for a basement remodeler to handle a basement renovation, or basement remodeling, or basement finishing, or a combination of these projects, we have the certified, insured, and experienced basement contractors to get your basement to its absolute peak. Maybe even better!

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You need to ask yourself an important question: how would you like to best use your basement?

At BrightView Basement Remodeling of Yonkers, we are here to support your answer. Each talented basement contractor on our team has custom designed thousands of basement spaces and we still have plenty of basement remodel ideas to spare.

Whether you are looking for a basement renovation, basement remodeling, basement finishing or even just installing some new basement windows, a basement contractor at BrightView Basement Remodeling of Yonkers has the design, enthusiasm, and expertise to live up to your vision for your basement space.

Contact us today for a free consultation and let’s make your basement vision a reality.

Basement Remodeling

If you’re ready to rise to the challenge of a basement remodeling then so are we. 

First things first, there’s no need for you to Google search for “basement remodeling contractors near me.” You’ve already found the team you are truly looking for and need. 

Our basement remodeling contractors at BrightView Basement Remodeling of Yonkers are part of an award-winning basement remodeling group of experts. We deliver basement remodels of the highest durability and caliber. Not only are we fully insured, licensed, bonded and professional, but we work within YOUR schedule and budget.  

And unlike some of our competitors who aren’t willing to let you pitch your ideas and vision for your basement, we want to work with you to create the basement space that will work best for you and your family. Yes, we want to hear all of your ideas. This is a team project for every step of the process.

You’re probably wondering about the basement remodeling cost. We believe in being completely honest, open and transparent with our customers. Along with a step by step action plan, we will also put together an accurate estimate for the project for you and ensure it works for your budget. No surprises. No hidden costs. No need to stress about a basement remodel cost. 

An additional bonus: all of our basement solutions are competitively priced and will immediately increase the resale value of your home. Working with us is not only smart, it’s a logical, economic investment.

So now all you have to think about is what you want to get out of your basement remodel. Do you want a man cave, home gym, home office, craft room, playroom for your kids, home theater, your own bar area, more storage, rental suite, and/or a guest room…a basement contractor on our team can do all this for you and more. 

To learn more about all the basement remodel ideas our basement contractors have to offer, contact us today for a free, completely comprehensive and no obligation consultation. The basement of your dreams awaits. Let’s make it happen for you.

Basement Finishing

Let’s face it. Most basements are not living up to their potential. Instead of a finished basement space that equates anywhere near to your upstairs living spaces, most basements end up being dark, cold and a dumping storage ground for things you can’t find the space for upstairs. 

You’re likely now thinking of your own less than stellar basement space and wondering is there basement finishing near me? 

The answer is yes! Our basement contractors at BrightVIew Basement Remodeling of Yonkers specialize in finished basements. We want you and your family to get the absolute most out of your basement space.  

Over the many years we have been in the basement finishing business, we have earned the trust of thousands of homeowners. Along with being obsessed with customer service, all of our team members are fully insured, licensed and bonded. In addition, the products we choose to work with are always regulation grade, water resistant and of course environmentally friendly.

However you choose to utilize your finished basement, whether you’re thinking of creating a man cave, home gym, rental suite, guest suite and more, for your basement finishing, we can include: 

  • A new basement ceiling
  • New and regulation basement windows
  • New flooring
  • New wall panels
  • New finishings and fixtures
  • A customized design plan
  • Competitive pricing 

We can already anticipate your next question: how much does it cost to finish a basement. Well, good news: the average cost to finish a basement is more affordable than you think. We have always recognized and worked within our customers’ budgets. 

We know you don’t want to go into debt for your new and improved basement. But at the same time, we won’t skimp on quality materials or construction either. So don’t fret about the basement finishing cost. We will work with you to get everything possible out of this very personal and economically beneficial investment. 

Contact us today for a free consultation. We will openly go over each and every step of our action plan for your basement including being completely honest and transparent about the cost to finish a basement. We are ready to customize your basement to best fit your needs and wants. It’s time to look at your basement space differently.

Basement Contractor

There’s an old saying that good help is hard to find. 

Well, we just have to object to that. Because at BrightView Basement Remodeling of Yonkers you’ve not just found good help, our basement contractors are the best. Whether you are looking for basement finishing contractors or basement remodeling contractors, we are the team you want to trust with your basement. 

No need to do an internet search for “basement contractors near me,” our basement contractors have created and installed thousands of basements in Yonkers expertly, efficiently, on time and on budget. And as an added bonus all of our basement contractors are fully insured, licensed and bonded.

Here’s just a sample of what our finish basement contractors can offer you:

  • An initial basement inspection
  • All the required licenses and permits
  • Basement remodeling
  • Basement finishing
  • Basement renovation
  • Water proofing
  • Sound proofing
  • Mold, mildew and humidity protection and prevention
  • Regulation grade windows and other fixtures
  • Superior products
  • Competitive pricing and flexible financing options
  • A complete warranty for this important investment
  • Comprehensive service from the project’s start, finish and maintenance
  • Contacts for plumbing and electrical work 
  • Free, no obligation consultation

We can’t help it. Unlike some of our competitors, we gladly choose to focus on putting our customers first, open and transparent communication, premium quality products, competitive pricing and innovative installations. Why? Because we can and we care.

We don’t stop there, as our goal is to continue to expand and enhance all of our services for all of our current and future customers. We eagerly look forward to challenging ourselves to raise our current standards even higher. 

Our basement contractors promise to take the time to thoroughly discuss all of your options until we completely understand what you need from your new basement space. You are part of this team and we want you to be involved during every phase. 

So no need to believe in that old saying. You’ve found us. If you’ve been wanting to upgrade your cold and dingy dungeon, oops we mean basement of course, our professional finish basement contractors are ready. We want to transform your basement into the customly designed space of your dreams.

Basement Renovation

It seems everyone is tackling home renovation projects lately. We’re here to remind you not to forget about your basement. A basement is more than a storage space for your holiday decorations and the things you don’t know where else to put. A basement renovation truly delivers a double impact: it’s a great way to immediately increase the value of your home and create more living space. 

BrightView Basement Remodeling of Yonkers is the premier basement renovation, remodeling and finishing company in Yonkers. We have renovated thousands of basements just like yours. And we still have plenty of basement renovation ideas and design plans to share with you. 

You’re likely wondering: how much does basement renovation cost? 

Compared to a basement remodel or basement finishing, a basement renovation is often the less expensive option for our customers. We also make it a priority to work within our customers’ budgets. So there’s no need to stress about the basement renovation cost. 

We know that every basement is different and every homeowner has unique needs for their basement space. We want your input. And together we’ll create the ultimate action plan for your basement renovation.

To get you started, here’s just a sample of some of the basement renovation projects we’ve completed over the years: 

  • In-floor heating
  • Basement bathroom
  • Fireplace installation
  • Home theater with projection screen 
  • Wet or dry bars
  • Children’s play area
  • Home gym
  • Custom cabinetry
  • Storage solutions including shelving and built-ins
  • Sauna
  • Wine cellar
  • Guest room
  • Library
  • Family room
  • Game room
  • Professional home office or other employment work space
  • Kitchenette
  • Rental/in-law suites
  • Structural changes 
  • Basement expansion
  • Waterproofing
  • Soundproofing
  • Lighting replacement
  • Window replacement
  • Layout revamp
  • Flooring replacement

Contact us today. Our basement contractors will provide you with a free and no obligation consultation, an estimate, design plans, and timelines. And every member of our team is fully insured, licensed and bonded. It’s time for your basement to reach its full potential as a quality room in your home. We guarantee your new basement will be built to last for you and your family to enjoy for years to come!

Basement Remodel Ideas

Are you needing some extra space in your home? The answer could be right under your feet in your basement. 

At BrightView Basement Remodeling of Yonkers, we have hundreds of basement design ideas for you. Whether you are looking for ideas for a basement remodeling, finished basement ideas, basement renovation ideas, small basement ideas and/or modern basement ideas, we want to work with you to get the most out of your basement space. 

Some of the basement remodel ideas our basement contractors have worked on include: 

  • Home theater/Man cave: No need to go out to watch the big game or binge your favorite series. And no more outlandish snack prices for family movie night! 
  • Home gym: Say goodbye to pricey memberships and overcrowding and hello to your new physique. 

Rental suite: Offset your mortgage with this guaranteed monthly income.

  • Play room: It’s time to reclaim your living spaces and for your kids and all their toys to have their own space too. 
  • Basement bar: Host your friends for way less than what you’d pay at your favorite establishments. 
  • Extra bathroom: No need to run upstairs every time you have to go. 
    • Kitchenette: More space to prepare holiday dinners or the first step to creating a rental or in-law suite. 
  • Guest room: Having guests is a lot easier when everyone has their own space. 
  • Home office: A professional area to meet with clients and/or work from home. We can even install a separate entrance. 
  • Family room: Use your new extra space to make more family memories. 
  • Library: Whether you collect first editions or comic books, we can create the perfect place to store and display your books. 
  • Sauna: Relax, destress your muscles, clear your pores and more with your own personal spa setup. 
  • Wine cellar: Whether you like red, white or rose, you’ll be the envy of everyone with your own custom wine cellar. 

This is just a mere taste of our basement remodel ideas. Contact us today for a free, comprehensive and no obligation consultation. Our basement contractors will make your basement ideas come to fruition.

Basement WIndows

Whether you are deciding to do a basement remodeling, basement renovation or basement finishing, you can’t forget about your basement windows. 

Having the proper basement windows that adhere to local building codes, will ensure that you and your family are always safe when spending time in your basement space. 

At BrightView Basement Remodeling of Yoinkers, we take the safety of you and your family extremely seriously. As part of our comprehensive basement service, we also have qualified, insured, licensed and bonded basement window installers. For replacement basement windows, we always fulfill local building regulations during installation. There’s no cutting corners here. 

If you’re going to do any modifications/updates to your basement we need to talk about basement window replacement. We know windows. We are ready to go over all the basement window options available to you.

An egress window is a window large enough to get through in the event of an emergency. Many egress windows also include an attached ladder to give you additional piece of mind when it comes to having an easy exit during an emergency. An egress window basement is one of our most popular customer requests when it comes to basement window replacement. 

Another option for your basement is to go with hopper windows. Though not intended to be used as a means of escape in an emergency, hopper windows are known for letting a lot of light into your home, especially in areas like your basement which can be on the dark side. Hopper windows are also great for ensuring your basement is properly ventilated by allowing fresh air to enter your basement. In addition, they help unwanted sources of moisture escape so say goodbye to humid, musty air in your basement.  A hopper window tilts inward and downward from its top, allowing for easy operation and cleaning. There are also hopper windows that feature removable pest screens. 

We honestly could talk to you about basement window options all day. Our basement contractors will help you find the best windows for your basement space. Let’s brighten up your space and make it safe for you and your family.